Friday, October 23, 2009

Private Dormitories for UAlbany

I received the following e-mails from Don Reeb. He proposes that private dormitories be considered as an option in meeting the housing needs of UAlbany students.

"I am a great fan of building private dorms along the Washington Avenue side of the Harriman campus--this yields taxes, more security, fewer cars on the university campus (assuming that shuttles are provided from the dorms to the classroom buildings), will look like the motels already built along Washington Avenue, and no increased demand for City services like schools, which other uses of the Harriman campus might create. Since the private dorms would house students presently living elsewhere in the City, traffic on Washington Avenue would be less, again assuming shuttle service.

If you want to see what we could have on the Harriman campus--google "private dormitories" and look at the sites--especially the one for "Austin Private Dormitory Association".

It's pretty awesome in comparison to anything we have in the Capital District.

The Austin Texas state university (University of Texas) is a lot bigger than the University at Albany but still........"

Don Reeb, president, McKownville Improvement Association.

Here are the links that Don had recommended:

Members of the Austin Private Dormitory Association

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