Friday, October 23, 2009

Comments from Ray Moran and Housing Options

I also received today some messages from Ray Moran concerning today's news about the Harriman developments.

"As you know, I've been talking with a number of city officials lately about the campus development. Coincidentally, I have also spoken with old friends who are in the commercial real estate and/or construction fields.

Leslie Knauf, among others, points out that the two sites mentioned for the proposed dorms are too near the Clarendon Rd/Tudor Rd area. Most people would agree with that.

One alternative suggestion is to build over the parking lot/s on the campus. I believe it is the State Quad at the northeast corner of the campus. That land is far more stable than the area along Tudor Rd. It is also closer to the academic podium. From just about every perspective, it makes more sense to have a high-rise dorm with parking below. If they wanted to get fancier they could have parking in the center like The Alexander Apartments on Washington Ave.

As taxpayers, we should all urge Mayor Jennings to continue his plan to get more of the Harriman Campus back onto the tax rolls."

Ray and Don's suggestions are good. It shows that at least the neighbors are thinking about options for student housing. We would only ask that whoever ends up providing student housing on either the UAlbany or Harriman Campuses consider any reasonable option and chose an option that enhances the quality of life for students and neighbors.

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