Saturday, October 31, 2009

Leter to Peter Wohl from Frank Commisso

Frank J. Commisso, Majority Leader
Albany County Legislature
130 Cottage Avenue
Albany, New York 122203

October 30, 2009

Peter Wohl, President
Harriman Research and Technology Development Corporation
7A Harriman Campus Road
Albany, NY 12206

Dear Mr. Wohl:

I represent the 12th Legislative District in the City of Albany also known as the Eagle Hill area and in particular those residing on Tudor, Clarendon, Cambridge and Oxford Roads.

In the past few months there have been meetings between UAlbany Officials and the residents of the Eagle Hill community concerning UAlbany's Dormitory Project. There has been a growing alarm among the residents about the site that UAlbany has chosen for this project, which is directly behind the houses on the west side of Tudor Road.

Numerous issues have been brought up by these residents such as: water runoff, noise pollution, visual impact and the additional traffic that these extra 500 students will have in the area. Notwithstanding the quality of life issues associated with a project of this magnitude.

Since the Harriman Campus is located directly adjacent to the UAlbany Campus many residents in attendance of the abovementioned meetings believe one of the solutions for this project may be to modify UAlbany's plan and to relocate this project to somewhere on the Harriman Campus.

At this point since this project is still in its conceptual stages, I feel that there needs to be a meeting scheduled between Harriman Research and Technology Development Corporation Team, Ualbany Officials and those in the City of Albany elected to represent these citizens. I believe that we can address the concerns of the residents of Eagle Hill, the current and future needs of Ualbany and come up with solutions that can benefit the City of Albany, Ualbany and the development of the Harriman Campus.

Given that time is of the essence please get back to me as soon as possible with possible dates for a meeting so we can work together to find solutions to rectify these issues. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely yours,
Frank J. Commisso
Majority Leader
Albany County Legislature

cc: Mayor Gerald Jennings, City of Albany
Senator Neil Breslin, 46th Senate District
Assemblyman Jack McEneny, 104th Assembly District
Commissioner John Egan, NYS OGS
Daniel Herring, Common Council Member 13th Ward
Michael O'Brien, Common Council Member 12th Ward

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