Friday, October 30, 2009

Lincoln Park UAlbany Dorm Connection

Dan Van Riper recently wrote a post about Lincoln Park in autumn. He describes a fleeting moment on a warm sunny day in the South End at the end of October and has some beautiful photos.

He also observed that all was not quite right with the day -

"It had rained a few days ago so I could hear the Beaverkill roaring underground at the exposed grate and at the manhole cover in the middle of MLK Boulevard. As usual, it stank of sewage. As I wrote earlier this year, the Beaverkill is used today to transport raw untreated sewage from Albany Med and Park South directly into the Hudson River.

The other night I learned that the Beaverkill is effectively used as a sewage overflow as far uptown as the SUNY Albany campus, via a pumping station. SUNY is building several sprawl-style expansion projects that will probably dump all their toilets into this line. If that happens, SUNY's sewage will come up in Washington Park Lake before it arrives in Lincoln Park and overflows into the ravine."

This is a reminder that a major project in town, like the proposed dormitories, affects us all.

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