Sunday, September 20, 2009

Voices for Eagle Hill

University At Albany (UAlbany) held its first public meeting concerning the construction of two dormitories with 500 beds and 350 parking spaces.

This project began in 2008, but wasn't was discovered by our neighbors until May, 2009 when surveyors from C.T. Male were mapping Tudor Road properties

UAlbany was not ready to talk with us then. After letters from Councilman Herring and the neighbors, they were not ready to talk. They said that they would have a meeting in September.

Well, we've had our meeting. UAlbany President George Phillip and Mayor Jennings left the room of over one hundred residents after expressing their support for the project, and did not listen to our concerns.

An hour and a half later, the audience had finished blasting Assistant Vice President John Giarrusso, who seemed overwhelmed with our opposition. The meeting was covered by a reporter from the Albany Times Union - but no article appeared.

This blog is intended to give us a voice, and to share information about this terrible project. Please share your thoughts here! We will know that we can count on each other!

Steve Sokal

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