Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Neighborhood Buzz

Kim Baker has prepared a petition, has gotten helpers, and is circulating it throughout Eagle Hill and adjacent neighborhoods. Please sign on to show your support!

Greg Dahlman from All over Albany sent me a report-

Hi Steve:
Thanks for reaching out to us. We'll definitely follow the blog.
I was driving through that part of campus today and there were
surveyors out working...
Thanks again...

Leslie Knauf says -
As a 12-year alumna of NYS government (former press officer and director of business development for the NYS Thruway Authority), I would add that it's vitally important that neighbors also contact Assemblyman John McEneny and State Senator Neil Breslin, respectively, whether via phone, online (web contact info below) or snail mail.

SUNY is an entity of NYS government and our neighborhood is in their respective legislative districts. The more constituents who contact them to express opposition to SUNY's siting of this project at this stage in its development, the better. These two elected representatives need to be made aware that there is little, if any, support for the siting of this project in the vicinity of this neighborhood, and that the consideration of options has been less than ideal.

At the very least, we should keep them in the loop, especially if other elected officials at the local level are not adequately responsive to our concerns.

Assemblyman John J. McEneny
LOB 648
Albany, NY 12248

Senator Neil D. Breslin
502 Capitol
Albany, NY 12247

JoEllen Gardner and Margaret Roberts have been putting together draft letters for this purpose.

Please! Do support your neighbors and write these officials!

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  1. We're brand-new residents of Tudor Road and expect to move in this month. We attended the meeting at UAlbany last month, and came away feeling very disconcerted about this dorm project and the possible impact on a lovely Albany neighborhood. I would think Mayor Jennings would want to preserve these neighborhoods within the city, in order to encourage people to move to or remain in Albany, and not flee to the suburbs. Instead he seems willing to sacrifice the Tudor Rd. and surrounding neighborhoods so that UAlbany can have dorm space and parking. Upsetting and short-sighted.

    We're willing to help with letters, signs to protest the project, etc.

    Loch and Sharon Phillips