Friday, January 15, 2010

The Morning After The Big Night

We had a great turnout at the UAlbany Meeting last night of about thirty five residents.

Speakers included

Ira Bloom
Steve Burke
Frank Commisso, Jr.
Joe Cunniff
Kathy Johnson
Ray Moran
Michael O'Brian
Don Reeb
Doug Smith
and myself

You can see the show at:

I also heard that WNYT picked up the meeting last night as well.

If you hadn't had the chance yet, you can still send in written comments to UAlbany until the 22nd.

Here is the contact information:

Errol C, Millington, Director
University At Albany
Office of Campus Planning
1400 Washington Ave
Service Building A Room 107
Albany, NY 12222

(518) 442-3400 Phone
(518) 442-3464 Fax

Under the rules of SEQRA, they'll have to take them and respond to them in their Final Statement.  Remember - if they don't hear your concerns, they won't be answered.

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